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Podcast 001 - August 9th, 2011: Thanks To Our 1.1 Million Fans!

A Lonely Place For Dying Begins Sneak Peak On Vodo Before US Theatrical Release

Vodo + ALPFD

A Lonely Place For Dying will begin a serialized distribution deal with VODO on Thursday, June 30th! The film will be broken into five installments which can be downloaded through VODO and it's network of online distributors. The fifth and final installment will be available after the film's theatrical release beginning in January, 2012.

"I'm thrilled to have the film made available through VODO." said director Justin Eugene Evans. "VODO can get an independent film seen by millions of people. It has helped filmmakers from around the world find an audience. And, while some of our movie theaters are nervous about this decision we believe that the torrenting audience isn't necessarily the same as the theatrical audience."

VODO proves we live in a very big world with seemingly contradictory answers; one can have a movie seen by millions and still only have reached 1% of the potential US theatrical market. While fearful distributors in Hollywood are terribly scared of this technology we are thrilled by the opportunity. We control the distribution of our content, we reap the financial rewards of our efforts and we find an online audience...and then a theatrical one as well.

"I can't wait until we begin our theatrical run. I'm incredibly excited." said Justin Eugene Evans.

In the meantime, A Lonely Place For Dying will conclude its festival run this fall. So far the film has played in 38 film festivals and been seen by roughly 10,000 ticket buyers. Justin Eugene Evans added "For the timid distributors who don't think there is a theatrical market for independent film all I've got to say is this; film festivals are ten times more crowded than any multiplex and individual movies have negligible opportunities to market their movie. Many festivals screen 200 films over 3-4 days with 7-8 films screening simultaneously. And yet, our film has packed theaters across the country. From Santa Fe to Wisconsin we've seen hundreds of people fill a theater..and the word of mouth was so strong our audience would be bigger the next night! Those are real ticket buyers plunking down 8-10 dollars a ticket to see our spy movie. Thanks to VODO and some very courageous investors we're going to prove to the world that the theatrical market is alive and kicking for independent motion pictures this January."

In addition to the film's VODO release they'll be releasing never-before-seen merchandise from the film including rare interviews with their special forces consultants, limited edition prints of the film's poster and a behind-the-scenes hardcover book.

Watch us on VODO...then watch us in the theater this January!
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