Coming To A Theater Near You

On September 7th we'll begin our theatrical release. Our original goal was to do a Red State style roadshow around the US using the BryteWerks Model One. To our great surprise, independent theaters across the country are booking our movie just like any other mainstream release. We'll still support some theaters with the use of The Model One but the scope and size of our theatrical release is growing daily.

We've had people ask us who we secured to oversee our theatrical release. The answer on Box Office Mojo is Humble Magi. And that's true, but it's worth pointing out that Humble Magi is us! It's our parent company which means we're releasing the film ourselves.

During our two-year festival run we learned so much about theatrical exhibition (and how thoroughly corrupt most Los Angeles based companies are) we decided we could do our own theatrical release. From booking to reporting, from television ad buys to radio spots we're doing it all.

This is usually where most filmmakers give up. I suspect it starts to feel too much like an ordinary job and they'd rather shoot another movie than do the daily grind of booking theaters, printing posters, shipping trailers and strategizing media buys. I must be built differently because I find it to be refreshing and a lot of fun!

Although we'll be hitting about 100 theaters across the country we're opening in only one; the Al Ringling Theatre in Baraboo, WI. Why? There are many reasons. It is the first movie palace ever made in America. It is also a stunning, majestic space. It also hasn't converted to digital yet and is an excellent place to demonstrate The BryteWerks Model One. It wasn't on our radar...not until an interactive database we created called The Master Venue List helped us identify it. Once we saw pictures of the marquee and the interior I fell in love. This is a sacred space for cinema; a majestic hall that takes our art form seriously and embraces the ideal that cinema is to be a communal experience.

What better way to launch a theatrical release than at America's first movie palace!
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