A Lonely Place For Dying Spotlight On WPT's Director's Cut

A Lonely Place For Dying was invited onto WPT's "Director's Cut," a PBS series that highlights the best in independent cinema. The show will air on WPT and a variety of PBS affiliates throughout the United States starting this July.

The show's producers and staff were wonderful. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity WPT!

A Lonely Place For Dying Wins At Indie Spirit Film Festival!

A Lonely Place For Dying won the Director's Choice Award at the Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ross Marquand (Nikolai Dzerzhinsky) attended and raved about this wonderful festival; professional staff, fantastic venues, quality projection...Ross Marquand walked away a fan of the fest and we're incredibly grateful the festival treated him so well!

Thanks again, ISFF!

A Lonely Place For Dying Wins Two Awards At Myrtle Beach!

This weekend A Lonely Place For Dying won two awards at the Myrtle Beach International Film Festival; "Best Big Budget Feature Film" and took 2nd Place for "Best Feature Film." We're a bit shocked by Best Big Budget Feature Film considering our 200 grand budget...but we'll take that for the accidental compliment it is; if someone wants to think our microbudget film is a big budget movie that's fine by us!

That brings our total to 33 official selections, 33 nominations, 17 awards including 12 as Best Feature Film.

As always, we're incredibly grateful to our fantastic cast & crew. Thank you Myrtle Beach!

Alabama Int'l Film Festival: 33rd Official Selection

We've been accepted into the Alabama International Film Festival! Thank you Alabama!

Seattle True Independent Film Festival: 32nd Official Selection

A Lonely Place For Dying has been accepted into the Seattle True Independent Film Festival! That's our 32nd official selection. We're thrilled to be part of this fantastic festival!
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