A Quadruple Win for A Lonely Place For Dyng at the Van Wert Independent Film Festival!

A Lonely Place For Dying continued it's amazing festival campaign and won four awards at the Van Wert Independent Film Festival! Our film won Best Picture (Grand Prix), Best Director (Justin Eugene Evans), Best Actor (Ross Marquand) and Best Editing (Brad Stoddard.) The festival's director, Len Archibald said that 2 of the 4 judges gave A Lonely Place For Dying a perfect score. In addition, two audience members drove 7 hours to see the film. "I'm always stunned when someone walks up to me and mentions they came to a festival just for our movie." said Justin Eugene Evans. "I'm truly humbled that our film inspires that kind of loyalty from our fans. What an amazing experience."

While at the Van Wert Independent Film Festival A Lonely Place For Dying was accepted into two more festivals. This brings A Lonely Place For Dying's festival records to 40 official selections, 45 award nominations, 23 awards and 15 best pictures.

A Loney Place For Dying featured on WPT's "Director's Cut." Watch it now.

Watch the Director's Cut episode

The PBS show "Director's Cut" featured A Lonely Place For Dying and interviewed director, screenwriter and cinematographer Justin Eugene Evans during the 2011 Beloit International Film Festival (where it also won the award for best feature). The 30 minute episode aired on July 7th and is now available for streaming via Wisconsin Public Television's website.

Learn about the genesis of the story, see clips from the film, and find out how the ALPFD team made an epic movie on a micro budget.

Watch it here. (Note: Sorry, iOS users. This is a Flash video.)

And don't forget, you can start watching A Lonely Place For Dying right now! Download the first episode of the serialized version at Vodo's website!

A Lonely Place For Dying Begins Sneak Peak On Vodo Before US Theatrical Release

Vodo + ALPFD

A Lonely Place For Dying will begin a serialized distribution deal with VODO on Thursday, June 30th! The film will be broken into five installments which can be downloaded through VODO and it's network of online distributors. The fifth and final installment will be available after the film's theatrical release beginning in January, 2012.

"I'm thrilled to have the film made available through VODO." said director Justin Eugene Evans. "VODO can get an independent film seen by millions of people. It has helped filmmakers from around the world find an audience. And, while some of our movie theaters are nervous about this decision we believe that the torrenting audience isn't necessarily the same as the theatrical audience."

VODO proves we live in a very big world with seemingly contradictory answers; one can have a movie seen by millions and still only have reached 1% of the potential US theatrical market. While fearful distributors in Hollywood are terribly scared of this technology we are thrilled by the opportunity. We control the distribution of our content, we reap the financial rewards of our efforts and we find an online audience...and then a theatrical one as well.

"I can't wait until we begin our theatrical run. I'm incredibly excited." said Justin Eugene Evans.

In the meantime, A Lonely Place For Dying will conclude its festival run this fall. So far the film has played in 38 film festivals and been seen by roughly 10,000 ticket buyers. Justin Eugene Evans added "For the timid distributors who don't think there is a theatrical market for independent film all I've got to say is this; film festivals are ten times more crowded than any multiplex and individual movies have negligible opportunities to market their movie. Many festivals screen 200 films over 3-4 days with 7-8 films screening simultaneously. And yet, our film has packed theaters across the country. From Santa Fe to Wisconsin we've seen hundreds of people fill a theater..and the word of mouth was so strong our audience would be bigger the next night! Those are real ticket buyers plunking down 8-10 dollars a ticket to see our spy movie. Thanks to VODO and some very courageous investors we're going to prove to the world that the theatrical market is alive and kicking for independent motion pictures this January."

In addition to the film's VODO release they'll be releasing never-before-seen merchandise from the film including rare interviews with their special forces consultants, limited edition prints of the film's poster and a behind-the-scenes hardcover book.

Watch us on VODO...then watch us in the theater this January!

A Lonely Place For Dying's Festival Record Update

A Lonely Place For Dying's continues to accumulate festival awards across the country. The film's current track record is 38 official selections, 45 award nominations and 19 awards including 14 for best feature film...and festivals continue to ask for screeners of our motion picture!

"We've begun to turn festivals away. We're releasing the movie theatrically in January and while we hate to do it we've been declining requests beyond this December." said director Justin Eugene Evans.

On behalf of the entire film's cast and crew we are humbled and honored for how wonderfully the festival circuit has treated us. "I never thought our Cold War Spy Thriller would go this far." Justin added." Its been a wild, crazy ride. From Santa Fe's original rough-cut sneak preview to our final festivals this fall, I'm grateful to them all!"


Santa Fe Film Festival
3 Nominations:
Tamalewood Best New Mexico Film
Audience Choice
Best of Fest
1 Win:
Heineken Red Star Award

Durango Independent Film Festival
2 Nominations:
Audience Awards: Best Narrative Feature
Filmmaker's Choice
1 Win:
Narrative Feature Jury Award

Sedona International Film Festival
2 Nominations:
Best Cinematography
Best Feature Film

Delray Beach Film Festival
1 Nomination:
Best Feature Film Audience Award

San Diego Film Festival
3 Nominations:
Best Narrative Feature
Best Actor - Ross Marquand
Best Screenplay

Cinema City Film Festival
1 Win:
Best Feature Film

Flipside Film Market
1 Win:
Best Feature Film

Eugene International Film Festival
1 Win:
Best Action Film

Clearwater Film Festival
2 Nominations:
Best Director
Best Feature Film

Wild Rose Independent Film Festival
8 Nominations:
Best Makeup & Hair
Best Music
Best Editing
Best Lighting Design
Best Ensemble
Best Actor - Ross Marquand
Best Director
Best Feature Film
2 Wins:
Best Visual Effects
Best Cinematography (Certificate of DIstinctive Achievement)

Maverick Movie Awards
7 Nominations:
Best Cinematography
Best Actor - Ross Marquand
Best Supporting Actor - Michael Wincott
Best Production Design
Best Special Effects
Best Special Effects Make-Up
The Precious
1 Win:
Best Stunts

SNOB Film Festival
1 Win:
Best Action Film

Best Of Fest
1 Win:
Best Feature Film

Mountain Film Festival
1 Win:
Sir Edmund Hillary Award For Best Feature Film

Beloit International Film Festival
1 Nomination:
Best Soundtrack
2 Wins:
Best Feature Film
Best Screenplay

Myrtle Beach International Film Festival
2 Wins:
Best Big Budget Feature Film
Best Feature Film (Second Place)

Indie Spirit Film Festival
1 Win:
Director's Choice Award for Best Feature Film

Park City Film Music Festival
1 Win:
Silver Award For Best Original Score - Brent Daniels

Las Vegas Film Festival
1 Win:
Golden Ace Award For Best Picture

Van Wert Independent Film Festival (July 8th - July 10th)

8 Nominations:
Grand Prix (Best Feature Film)
Audience Choice Award
Outstanding Director - Justin Eugene Evans
Outstanding Actor - Ross Marquand
Oustanding Screenplay - Justin Eugene Evans
Outstanding Cinematography - Justin Eugene Evans
Outstanding Editing - Brad Stoddard
Outstanding Original Score - Brent Daniels

Future Festivals
SoCal Film Festival
Burbank International Film Festival

...and 20 more requests from festivals occurring through the end of 2011.

And, there are many festivals that do not disclose all the nominations, so these are the ones we could verify. The list could be longer.

A Lonely Place For Dying Nominated For 8 Awards At Van Wert Independent Film Festival

A Lonely Place For Dying has been nominated for eight awards at the Van Wert Independent Film Festival in Van Wert, Ohio! Nominations include Grand Prix (Outstanding Feature), Audience Choice, Oustanding Director (Justin Eugene Evans), Outstanding Actor (Ross Marquand), Outstanding Screenplay (Justin Eugene Evans), Outstanding Cinematography (Justin Eugene Evans), Outstanding Editing (Brad Stoddard) & Outstanding Original Score (Brent Daniels.)

Our film will be playing at 9:15 PM on Saturday, July 9th in the Niswonger Performing Arts Center. Justin Eugene Evans will be conducting a Q&A after the screening! If you are in the Ohio area we hope to see you there!
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