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The Music Video

Watch the music video for the title song from A Lonely Place For Dying in High Definition.

Song: A Lonely Place For Dying
Artist: Brent Daniels
Director: Justin Eugene Evans
Producers: Justin Eugene Evans & Brent Daniels
Cinematographer: Justin Eugene Evans
Editors: Daniel Lenz & Brent Daniels
Colorist: Brent Daniels
Visual Effects: Marc Leonard
Additional Performers:
Drums - Ginger Ravencroft
Guitar - Bern Locker

The Maxi-Single

Download Brent Daniels' title song from A Lonely Place For Dying.

This 4 track maxi-single features the original 1970's-inspired rock version from the theatrical release, as well as remixes by Brent Daniels, Daniel Lenz (Hednoize, Psykosonik, Alice Cooper, Xzibit) and Bern Locker (Urban Voodoo, Godhead).

Purchase via Bandcamp and receive your tracks in your choice of DRM-free 320k mp3, FLAC, Apple lossless, as well as a host of other formats.

The Score

Watch this space for the future release of Brent Daniels' stunning score for A Lonely Place For Dying.

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